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Jones, Daniel. An Outline of English Phonetics – T05

Appendix E
A Short List of Works on the Pronunciation of
English (including American English)

In the books marked x the pronunciation transcribed is subtantially
the same as that described in this book.

In the books marked with an asterisk the pronunciation is
represented by the alphabet of the Association Phonétique
Internationale: * simplified transcription (see Appendix A),
** EPD transcription (see Appendix A), *** slightly
modified transcription, **** narrow transcription (see
Appendix A).

Books marked † in section 1 contain phonetic texts.

1. Books on Phonetic Theory

D. Jones, An Outline of English Phonetics (Teubner, Leipzig;
Heffer, Cambridge, new edition 1962, reprinted with minor
alterations and a frontispiece, 1962). x**

—, The Pronunciation of English (Cambridge University Press,
new edition, 1950, 4th edition revised and enlarged, 1958).

—, The Phoneme, its Nature and Use (2nd edition, with new preface
and other important improvements; Heffer, Cambridge, 1962).

P. A. D. MacCarthy, English Pronunciation (Heffer, Cambridge,
4th edition, 1952). x*†

H. Sweet, Primer of Spoken English (Oxford University Press). x

—, The Sounds of English (Oxford University Press, 1908). x

J. T. Pring, Colloquial English Pronunciation (Longmans, Green &
Co., 1959). x**

I. C. Ward, The Phonetics of English (Heffer, Cambridge, 4th
edition, 1945). x****†366

W. Ripman, English Phonetics (Dent, London). x***

H. E. Palmer, First Course of English Phonetics (Heffer, Cambridge,
1927). x**

Bullard and Lindsay, Speech at Work (Longmans, Green & Co.,
1951). x****

A. G. Mitchell, The Pronunciation of English in Australia (Angus
& Robertson, Sydney, 1946). ****†

Armstrong and Ward, Handbook of English Intonation (Teubner,
Leipzig; Heffer, Cambridge, 1926). x****†

R. Kingdon, The Groundwork of English Intonation (Longmans,
Green & Co., 1958).

R. Kingdon, English Intonation Practice (Longmans, 1958).

O'Connor and Arnold, The Intonation of Colloquial English
(Longmans, 1961).

G. F. Arnold, Stress in English Words (North Holland Publishing
Co., 1957).

(For other works on Intonation see § 1017.)

A. Lloyd James, Our Spoken Language (Nelson, 1938).

—, Exercises to ‘Our Spoken Language’ (Nelson, 1938).

J. S. Kenyon, American Pronunciation (George Wahr, Ann Arbor,
Michigan). ***

C. K. Thomas, Introduction to the Phonetics of American English
(Ronald Press Company, New York, 2nd edition, 1958). ***†

R. Gerhard, General American Pronunciation (Sanseidō, Tokyo,
1954). ***†

C. M. Wise, Applied Phonetics (Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood
Cliffs, N.J., 1957). *

H. A. Gleason, Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (Henry
Holt & Company, New York, 1956).

R.-M. S. Heffner, General Phonetics (University of Wisconsin
Press, 1958).

K. L. Pike, The Intonation of American English (University of
Michigan Publications, 1949).

Lado and Fries, English Pronunciation (University of Michigan
Press, 1954).367

2. Phonetic Readers

D. Jones, Phonetic Readings in English (Winter, Heidelberg, new
improved edition, 1956). x**

J. D. O'Connor, New Phonetic Readings (Francke, Bern, 1948). x**

N. C. Scott, English Conversations in Simplified Phonetic Transcription
(Heffer, Cambridge, 1942). x*

E. L. Tibbitts, A Phonetic Reader for Foreign Learners of English
(Heffer, Cambridge, 1946). x*

P. A. D. MacCarthy, English Conversation Reader (Longmans,
Green & Co., 1955). x*

L. E. Armstrong, An English Phonetic Reader (University of
London Press). x****

Palmer and Blandford, Everyday Sentences in Spoken English
(Heffer, Cambridge, 3rd edition, 1935, reprinted 1953). x****

W. Ripman, Specimens of English (Dent, London). x***

G. Scherer, Englische Texte in Lautschrift (Cornelsen, Berlin-Bielefeld,
1949). x**

G. L. Brook, An English Phonetic Reader (Manchester University
Press, 1935). x****

3. Pronouncing Dictionaries and Vocabularies

D. Jones, An English Pronouncing Dictionary (Dent, London, new
edition, re-set, 1956). x**

P. A. D. MacCarthy, An English Pronouncing Vocabulary (Heffer,
Cambridge, 1945). x*

Hornby and Parnwell, An English Reader's Dictionary (Oxford
University Press, 1952). x*

Palmer, Martin and Blandford, Dictionary of English Pronunciation
with American Variants
(Heffer, Cambridge, 1926). x****

Kenyon and Knott, Pronouncing Dictionary of American English
(G. & C. Merriam Company, Springfield, Mass., U.S.A., new
printing, with addenda, 1953). *368